Sunday, October 26, 2014


El restaurant Blue Tortilla se encuentra a orillas del rio Delaware, en la margen de la ciudad de New Hope. Este local ofrece manjares de todo tipo y especie, y por supuesto que platos mexicanos de alta categoria. Los propietarios de Blue Tortilla son originarios de Mazatlan Estado de Sinaloa, y traen con ellos un bagage lleno de deliciosos platos basados en carnes, pescados, mariscos, vegetales, y toda suerte de condimentos tan bien utilizados por la Cuisine Mexicaine de alta gama. No perdais la oportunidad de visitar este lugar y preguntar por Enrique, un magnifico restaurateur, el cual conoce las Diversas Magias que satisfacen los paladares mas exigentes. Blue Tortilla se encuentra en 18 N. Main Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania, telefono 215 862 5859 Los esperamos que visiten Blue Tortilla y que hagan las reservas del caso, ya que hay noches que la muchedumbre se "hace propietaria" del lugar. cortesia


    ahhh ... OK Service was incredible... Food was weird... They claim authentic Mexican and not Tex-Mex. It is entirely possible that I am not used to "Authentic Mexican" I have to be honest.

    We had several platters, all very expensive for the small servings. The outside seating was awesome. We looked up at the beautiful blue skies in the west getting darker by the minute. We were sat immediately, which is a feat with 6 people.

    My date had cow tongue and of course we were all really excited to taste it. Te fact that they had cow tongue(we love when we are able to sample different cultures) and great service is the reason for the 5 stars. If I were only reviewing food, it would have to be 1 star(minus the cow tongue(which I did not like, ut it was fun). It was like eating my own It was chewy and weird....

    The black beans were the best I ever had!!

    Bottom line... it was fun, but pricey!! Service was friendly, food was OK.

    Oh, the mole was good as well(very chocolaty) and rich

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  2. ok so the food was good here... that's about where it ended. i purchased some really nice tequila just before coming here (byob) and we ordered the margarita drink so we could mix the tequila in... they charged us $10 per cup of mix... which came in a plastic party cup.......... $10...... for what?!

    anyway, that was pretty jaw dropping. the service was pretty sub par, the waitress pretty much acted like we didn't exist, even when i was waving my hand trying to get the check. i'm an above average tipper (20%+) but i couldn't get myself to give more than a measly sum. came here with 3 people and they all agreed that the whole experience was sub par at best. the food was decent, i would never come back here again though... unless it was to order takeout. literally the ONLY reason i'm giving 2 stars.